Guide on taking your Google ranking to the next level

Guide on taking your Google ranking to the next level

We do mind traffic jams but not the web traffic, period

Who doesn’t long for more search traffic? Indeed, we all do.

Giant e-commerce players look for ways to increase Google ranking fast. Of course, Google certainly helps in boosting their revenue.

Getting on the first page is etched in the core of our brain cells. Myriads of time, people search on the Google “How to increase Google ranking of a website?” but they fail to find the tips that actually work.

Worst come worst when they hire a bad SEO person, even the sugary fruits start tasting bitter. Seal the deal here! Instead of following the road shown by your hired SEO person, you too gain a good understanding of it so that you don’t end in naught.

Without making you more curious, let’s tell you the proven ways of increasing your Google ranking.

Google fancies appropriate keywords

You are creating content for your visitors, agreed! In between all that, how can you overshadow the thing called “keyword?”

No matter how amazing your writing piece is unless Google crawlers consider it worthy, you can’t go to places. Proper keyword research helps you in winning the ground. Take out some time and make a list of keywords that are mostly searched. Make sure that you select the keywords related to your business only.

Focus more on the long tail keywords as they always have a higher chance of getting ranked soon. For instance: You are in the business of selling weight loss supplements. Instead of focusing more on the exact phrase, consider the long tail keywords like “affordable weight loss supplements.”

Do three things here:

  • Once you have a good set of keywords, look for the synonyms of different words. Incorporate those relevant keywords naturally in your content but avoid the keyword stuffing.
  • Do it Sherlock’s way! Become a digital detective, and find out how your competitors are optimizing their web content for the keywords you have listed.
  • Let the free tools aid you here! Use the free tools to find the LSI keywords for the main phrase.

Content is everything

Content is not the king; it is the whole kingdom. If you want to increase your Google page rank, make sure that the content is catchy enough to captivate millions.

Boring content hurts a reader’s mood. Your visitors want information, but they don’t like robotic language. Good captions, catchy puns and killer titles help you here. It isn’t bad to be a bit humorous in your blog but doesn’t overdo it.

When you write, consider yourself as a visitor. By doing so, you will better analyze whether the content is giving you yawns or making you read more.

Make small paragraphs and use the keywords in your subheadings. Google likes to see the organized information that doesn’t make a reader feel like, words will come out of the screen. Break the information into small chunks and don’t bombard your writing with synonyms.

Do you have a better link building plan?

High tides roar out loud! A backlink from an authority site is a thousand times better than the links you generate from small sites. Undoubtedly, backlinks are one of the amazing ways to get more web traffic

Increase in web traffic = Increase in Google rank.

Since not all backlinks are worthy, concentrate on acquiring links from the authority sites. Set the foundation of a robust link building plan that boosts your rank on Google.

Removing the curtain from some of the most effective methods of getting backlinks

  • Make a good relationship with influencers. Talk to them and ask them to share your website link or written blog post. This technique always works if you are smart in relationship building.
  • Make infographics and publish them. Infographics always have higher chances of going viral. Once any of your infographics go viral, get ready for a typhoon of traffic on your website.
  • Share your excellently written blogs on social When people find your stuff shareworthy, they don’t give a second thought before sharing it on their profiles.

On-page SEO can do wonders

On page, SEO can improve your Google ranking pretty quickly. After making a list of keywords, create content that revolves around the main theme.

Here are a few things you should take into account

  • It’s recommended to include the main keyword in your title
  • The Meta description should guides a user not distract a user.
  • Include the keywords in your image alt tags
  • Do the internal and external linking properly. There should be no broken links.
  • The URL should be well structured. Don’t keep it too long or complicated.

The most important thing of all “Don’t commit a sin of keyword stuffing.” Don’t include the keyword over and over again. A natural flow should be there in your writing. You can always use the relevant keywords but make sure that you refrain from the sin of overdoing it.

Never stop learning! If you are facing issues with the content, take help of the top bloggers. Visit their websites and see how amazingly they arrange information in the writing pieces.

On and off keep auditing your website

Sometimes your website doesn’t rank because of SEO related problems. Keep inspecting your website and check if there are any broken links, or missing alt tags. Minor factors have a significant impact on your website rank.

There are several free tools available that detect all of the SEO related problems. Perform the audit of your website, find out the issues and fix them. It’s better to find the site related issues soon. The faster you see the issues, the quicker you correct them. Admittedly, this practice improves your Google ranking.

The bottom line

Don’t hurt the Google guidelines; stay on the defined track to win the digital landscape.

Quick fixes inevitably bring better results but keep one thing in your mind that it takes times to generate a typhoon of traffic. The more you pay attention to the SEO of your website the quicker you get a golden position.

Impatient-beings look for the dramatic increase in their Google ranking. Well, nothing is done in a day. SEO is a sea, and your applied SEO techniques teach you how to swim in that sea.

The tips we’ve mentioned above have worked for a myriad of people; surely, can work for you too. But the sheer commitment of implementing them is the golden key.

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  • Impatience and SEO definitely do not go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, more people than not give up before the magic happens or try outdated/risky tactics to see short-term results at the expense of long-term, higher ROI producing strategies.

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