Develop your website keeping eyes on the SEO parameters

Develop your website keeping eyes on the SEO parameters

The knife of an unfriendly website hurts really badly!

Merely a few days ago, an SEO consultant got a call:

“Hello, I am having a bad day. I’m losing the sales & my web traffic too. God knows, what the problem with my website is.”

The consultant replied: “Your website is the main problem.”

Are you shocked to hear that? Well, many were. Yes, the real problem was their website. Having a website designed and having it designed on the SEO parameters are two different things. Businesses concentrate more on building a website, not on building an SEO friendly website.

River of traffic doesn’t know where to go

Consider your website as the sea where the stream of traffic gets merged. If the river of traffic can’t locate the central sea or doesn’t like it, where will it go? Of course, it will look for another destination. You lose the grip when your website doesn’t share a positive relationship with the SEO parameters.

Having a shiny website that doesn’t even comply a single standard of SEO is next to running in a race with an artificial leg.

We don’t want your digital marketing efforts to turn into ashes. To be precise, here we will enlighten you about making an SEO friendly website.

Accessibility of design

Your SEO friendly website checklist is nothing without this point!

The design isn’t merely a design; it is the part of your SEO. A website should be wholly accessible else the search engine ranking, and conversion rates always suffer.

If a website reminds you of an idler; it means that there is something wrong with that website. Make sure that the design of your website doesn’t slow down its loading speed.

A website should be cross-browser compatible. Use those images that don’t make your web pages load slowly. Don’t burden your website by using heavy images; even if you feel like using those images, there is an option called “compress,” use it.

Responsive web design wins the crowd

Count the SEO friendly website names; you’ll see the one common factor in all of them; i.e., they all possess a responsive web design.

A huge number of people access the websites via their smartphones. Responsive web design doesn’t only look appealing, but it appears the same on every device. Google shares a deep love for responsive web designs. A hint for you: If you want Google to love your website the same way, make sure that you have a responsive web design.

Incorporate social media icons to rank higher

Needless to say, your website ranks better when the social media sharing buttons are there. Search engines don’t ignore you for not incorporating the social media sharing icons. They give importance to social media, so should you do.

Don’t burn your chance of ranking higher. Incorporate the social media icons as search engines consider it as one of the ranking factors. Apart from search engines, your customers find it good when they see the social media sharing buttons. If they like your content; they can share it without any roadblocks.

URLs should attract not distract the search engines

Compare the two sentences here:

  • We will give you dozens of tips.
  • We will share some tips for making an SEO friendly website.

In the first sentence, the context isn’t clear whilst in the second one, it is pretty defined. Now, search engines function in the same way.

They don’t understand the URLs like:

But they do understand defined URLs like:

Makes sense! Right?

When you name the URL correctly, it helps the search engines in identifying what your content is about. Moreover, it clears the haziness from a visitor’s mind.

Don’t overdo the flash elements

Too much flash = too many distractions

Yes, search engines consider your flash elements as the distractors. Don’t use too much flash elements as it will be hard for search engines to rank your website.

Flash isn’t valued by search engines so they often give it a pass. If you are still willing to use flash elements, please do it prudently. Pay more attention to making your website SEO friendly so that it ranks better.


This blog has no to little chance of going unnoticed. Still, if you do so, we are sorry, but it’s your sheer loss. Not everybody shares the golden tips that work, but we did.

Website design & development should be done considering SEO friendliness. A website that fails to move on the rhythm of SEO parameters usually makes its way to the unnamed zone. The zone where all the unfriendly websites exist, and there is no going back.

It’s your time to decide where you want to go; in the unnamed zone or in the good books of search engines.

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