Your SEO Checklist: 8 techniques to Optimizing Your Website

Your SEO Checklist: 8 techniques to Optimizing Your Website

Optimizing your website is a step by step detailed task that enables you to better analyze and augment your site. Your site is your business, and you need the world to know about it. SEO is the best way to rank your website on the first page of Google to help boost your site visibility and credibility.

In this present digital era, no business gets success without SEO. In the search engine marketing business, the best SEO Company is the one which provides comprehensive SEO services at affordable rates to clients.

Here are the eight proven techniques for optimizing your website:

Analyzing a website

The purpose of a website analysis is to perform an extensive assessment of your site to make it easier to rank in Google SEO. It requires a detailed technical audit to check for your website’s age, speed, Google analytics, and webmaster code setup, robots.txt, HTML and XML sitemaps, server optimization, URL optimization, and Meta text optimization.

It also includes internal linking, image optimization, content optimization, broken link optimization, and a mobile-responsive design. The Google Site: command is also helpful in determining the position and performance of your website in search engine result pages SERP analysis. Moreover, blogs and social media buttons are also powerful elements to give a strong presence to your site.

Deciding on a keyword

Keyword research is a method of brainstorming the maximum possible list of keywords which do match your niche business industry. It requires an in-depth analysis of generic and long tail combination of keywords to include in your website.

It also requires you to find the reliable Google SEO tools such as Adwords keywords tool and ahref to leave no stone unturned in sorting the best suitable keywords to help you enhance your website ranking with better traffic and ROI. It is an excellent tactic to find keywords with a high search volume and low competition with long tail key phrases to easily rank a website with quick indexing.

Spying on competitors

It is necessary to keep an eye on your close industry rivals to know their tactics and strategies. You need to come up with fresh new ideas to surpass your competitors in achieving a higher ranking and heavier traffic for your website. It is a valuable strategy to track your competitors’ sites to analyze what makes their website get ranked on the 1st page of Google.

On page SEO optimization

On Page SEO is the systemic process of incorporating HTML source code with engaging content in every page to make them more appealing for visitors. The HTML helps with a design and layout structure of a website with SEO-friendly elements such as:

Meta title optimization

The HTML title tag provides a real sense of reputation of a site with a heading at the top side of a web page. Every web page has a unique title description which represents this page to show up ranking in Google on the first page.

It tells the core purpose of your website and works similarly as a title of a book which represents it’s all indexes of significant contents and topics for readers. The maximum length of an HTML title must not exceed sixty characters and serve its purpose of faster crawling and indexing in Google search engine.

Meta description

It is an HTML tag that provides a small detail about your website in the search engine result page to help it get ranked for the desired set of keywords. The website Meta description describes what your site is all about and makes it prominent in the SERP ranking to attract more visitors and achieve lead conversion for your business.

URL optimization

It provides a search engine friendly static URL structure for all pages of the website for faster crawling and indexing. It aims for a white hat SEO practice to have a clean and organized URL with a hyphen which a search engine could easily understand indexing your website smoothly and efficiently.

Content optimization

Content has a crucial value in delivering an incredible presence of website to users. It gives a terrific appeal to the customers in finding interest in your site to stay for a longer dwell time. It helps in increasing the click-through rate and lowering down the bounce rate with a higher means of conversion traffic.

The genuinely engaging content has a power to grab the attention of target audience to get them to convert into business. In SEO, there is always a significant value and demand for fresh, original and meaningful content to quickly rank your website in the Google search engine. The long form blog posts, articles, website copy, videos, podcasts, and visual infographics are excellent examples of content optimization to help produce and share valuable content to all readers.

Image optimization

Image tag provides a visual representation of a website to make it appealing and eye-catching for visitors to sustain their stay on your site. Optimizing an image in SEO requires an alt image HTML tag to give a source of an authentic keyword to find a product on the search engine. It provides an essential value in e-commerce SEO to build a unique visual identity for multiple products and brands for prospective buyers to search online.

Mobile-friendly responsive design

In a mobile-first era, it is necessary to have a responsive website that broader audience has access to. Through multiple access platforms, it becomes more likely to have a huge variety of traffic and conversion. The cross-browser platform compatibility makes it easier for customers to visit your website and convert into leads by submitting a contact form with a compelling call to actions.

Local SEO

It is essential for your website to have both, a global and local presence to build a strong authority and credible trust on Google. Keeping a sharp eye on your local competitors makes your site stay on the top competition with an excellent reputation to get ranked on local search easily. It requires you to have a local business listing such as Google business with your name, address, and phone (NAP).

Clean backlink profile

It is a white hat off-page link building strategy for your website to have a clean and tidy link profile. It requires your site to build a relevant and high-quality niche link to gain more link juice from a higher authority website. Creating less but quality links is a remarkable strategy to have a positive presence in Google.

SEO reporting metrics

The SEO reporting metrics are the essential key performance indicators for your website to track success and goal conversions. These factors depend on organic search traffic, paid traffic, referral traffic, mobile traffic, total visits, organic visits, average time on site, and pages per visit, returning visitors, bounce rate, engagement metrics, page load speed, and click through rate.

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of how sites can be optimized with SEO. It is essential to hire a professional and reputable SEO company like SEOPROHUB, to enhance and maximize your results for your online presence.


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