5 Email Campaign Pillars to Help Reach Your Full Potential in 2019

5 Email Campaign Pillars to Help Reach Your Full Potential in 2019

This year in 2018, more than 60% of B2B businesses have declared that their email marketing strategies have been more effective than the previous year. The trends of email marketing campaigns in 2019 focus on further developing the elements that were available so far. You can still get much out of automation and individualization when combined with artificial intelligence. The same applies to the presentation of emails in which a dynamic and interactive content attracts new readers. For all this, it is recommended to be well aware of what the future brings both in the presentation and in the choice of content of emails in the field of marketing. Likewise, the personal data of the users acquire greater importance. Therefore, in the coming years, we have to maintain a great sense of responsibility not only in the protection of data but also in the creation and presentation of the content.

The email marketing campaign is an essential tool to inform the customer about offers, new products or individual campaigns. Although not every year it is necessary to start from scratch, technical developments and changes in the behavior of users require adapting marketing strategies. In the year 2019, email campaigns would focus on motivating the reader and challenging him with new ideas. Currently, the biggest challenge facing newsletters is to provide the user with useful content, and offer an original advertising message. So, if you want your customers to give value to your emails instead of sending them directly to the trash basket, do not lose sight of the main trends of this year. The first big challenge to overcome as a marketing professional is to get the email address of the clients with their consent.

  1. Automation with responsive email marketing design

It is no secret that the current trend indicates how mobile devices are on the rise. The reality is that if we do not design our email marketing campaign according to these smart devices, we are going to lose a golden opportunity. Secondly, extra-long texts do not work in an email marketing campaign. Between 75 and 100 words is the ideal count. In 2019, make sure to offer visual and responsive content to your user.  Once the contact list is ready, it is necessary to send regular newsletters to customers. This process is recommended to automate. Although automation is not new in email marketing, it is becoming increasingly important. It is no longer enough to plan and proceed to send a message once a week, but now onwards the automation must respond to the character of the consumer.

  1. Personalization is the key

The personalization of emails is another potential email marketing tool for 2019. The messages sent to achieve the desired effect must adapt to the recipient as much as possible. It is no longer enough to include the client’s last name correctly in the header, but also to discover the person behind the email address and adapt the content to it. It is now possible to access innumerable customer data that provides a good overview of the target audience.

  1. Interactive and dynamic content

In 2019, we must welcome GIFs and videos and say goodbye to static images and texts. Thanks to technical developments, it is now possible to incorporate dynamic content in newsletters. Many mail programs and web clients use GIF files. A big thanks to HTML5, it is similarly likely to integrate videos into emails. The use of these innovations allows you to be up-to-date in visualizing web content by developing your GIFs that manage to simulate Instagram or Snapchat stories. Also, videos have become a regular piece of articles, posts on social networks and instant messaging. This type of content easily differentiates from that of the competition. You can reach your customers better, but do not abuse.

Another email campaign trend for 2019 is the interactive content. It allows users to interact with it at the same time they read. After that, the concept of gamification is hidden. It is to introduce elements of playful activities that challenge the reader. This resource is useful if there is a sense of success to overcome a challenge. Another type of incentive is to reward the reader with small gifts such as coupons.

  1. Take advantage of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is frequent nowadays. Therefore, apart from the giant Google, other companies also bet on both artificial intelligence and appliances. It is for this reason that another of the trends to raise the bar of Email Marketing in 2019 is to integrate artificial intelligence in the creation and dissemination of newsletters. Although there is still much to investigate, it is recommended to start implementing it and not lose sight of it, especially in the areas of predictions and optimization. With an artificial intelligence system, a series of calculations enable the best slot to send information to customers.

  1. Data Protection at par

Although it is not a trend itself, it must enforce the marketing companies. In 2019, we must pay particular attention: data protection, closely related to artificial intelligence. It is true that it is not a new term, but rather an old acquaintance, given that data protection is, and will be an essential element in email marketing. All personal data greatly facilitate the work of advertisers on the Internet, especially if combined with artificial intelligence. However, it should be within the legal framework. The data provided by a customer cannot be exploited for any advertising purpose.


As we can see, personalization and proximity will be one of the most critical points facing 2019 regarding email marketing campaigns. Here is a summary and to finish, we can say that the trends in email marketing for 2019, will be the following:

  • Be close in the language used, study your audience and use the same “jargon.”
  • Insert animated gifs.
  • Think of mobile users and create a responsive design.
  • Visual before biblical texts, nobody wants to read much when opening the email.
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