5 Ways of Creating Compelling Brand Content

5 Ways of Creating Compelling Brand Content

Any Tom, Dick, or Harry can produce branded content by slapping a logo on the stock image of a businessman with an idea in a blub. Does it mean a branded content strategy is all set to roll? Not quite.

When it comes to a company, there’s much more to its branding than a logo. More than anything else, you should want it to be a lot more than a logo, more than a single stamp of design and visual style, a fixed parameter-bound.

To understand simply, your brand is people; the employees, customers, and every other individual from your office staff to your clientele – everyone who’re helping the ship sail. It’s the motivation that drives you towards a bright, promising future. It’s the peak of feelings evoked from your services and/or product’s ability to fulfill unmet needs.

The bottom line being, your brand isn’t really that simple as you seem it to be. It’s complex with a vast future, just like the people it hopes to unite with. And because of this, having the right digital marketing agency in USA by your side matters as it can help you in creating brand content that compels your people – the audience – to take action. To pull this off, a mindful and multi-faceted approach is required.

Know Your Audience

Many companies usually follow the archetypal path of building out buyer personas. They’ll do their research, conduct surveys, and even host focus groups in the hope of pinpointing the best demographics, interests, pain points, and so on. All of this neatly packaged knowledge and research certainly serves a purpose in spreading the word.

What many fail to do consistently, however, is to listen.

Making noise is easy. You can pick an SEO agency in California and get them to rank your company on top. But fostering a conversation through digital marketing channels is challenging. And often, customers are keen to tell you exactly what they want from you before you ask. Be mindful of common threads running through your customer base, perform relevant keyword research, and use your industry experience combined with market research to help shape content that aims to engage rather than fall flat.

Be Consistent

Consistency plays a part in a variety of senses, especially when it comes to branded content. It translates to your brand’s constructive efforts at storytelling. To write a convincing story, you need to follow a clear line from one end (chapter) to the next. In addition, it should also establish a certain level of consistency between your brand vision and purpose.

In another perspective, all the efforts you are making – be it hiring the best professional SEO Company in California or branding design agencies – require you to be persistent and dedicated. When brands know who their audiences are, they get more familiar with what type of content their audiences like to consume and through what platform.

Adopt a data-driven marketing approach to determine the content formats that are most engaging among your audience on an ongoing basis. Then, use it as a picking point to translate your brand’s story in a meaningful way.

Create Value

Another primary motivator that activates audiences to engage with your content is there in the form of perceived value. This is why everybody likes “listicles” so much. As a consumer, you are being given some sort of knowledgeable return, such as: by reading this article, I’m going to know about 5 compelling ways of creating brand content.

Headlines are just half the battle. The value and quality advertised need to reflect in the meat of the content itself. This is what makes your audience take a step forward towards your brand (i.e., clicks to website, downloads, clicks to additional articles, subscribes, shares, etc.).

Involve Sentiments

While—for the sake of consistency—your brand should adhere to a set of customary guidelines, allowing those guidelines to cage you in the name of creativity does no good to anyone. Rolling your campaigns out every time following the same set of prescribed rules sucks out the very thing that breathes life into brand content: emotion.

Emotion, after all, touches the heart. The more a social media visual, an article, video, etc. makes us feel something, the more likely we are to connect with it and remember it. It’s no surprise that customers get influenced by emotional content that gets into their hearts.

NEVER Cut Corners

If it sounds like there’s so much to do in establishing a successful branded content strategy that works, you’re right – regardless of the channel you choose, the content you create, and the way you distribute it, seeing your hard work pay off with zero corners worth cutting.

On a similar note, it’s not that throwing money at will make it better. This, however, doesn’t mean that a thoughtful paid strategy will not benefit you, but it’s just a catalyst. If the above-mentioned tips haven’t been considered when laying out your branded content, merely running ads and using money to push the said content in front of as many eyes as possible won’t make it a successful campaign.

Now, the best part is, you’re not alone in this journey towards brand brilliance. Toss the nervousness aside and give us a call – the team at SEO ProHub is at your service.

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