Why You Shouldn’t Stop SEO Efforts during COVID-19

Why You Shouldn’t Stop SEO Efforts during COVID-19

Commotion rules the world, as the corona virus pandemic spreads its wings around the world, killing people by the thousands each day. The situation is getting worse by the day, compelling governments around the world to invoke lock downs, take preventative measures, and much more. What started as a havoc in China three months ago, has now taken over 192 countries. What makes corona virus dangerous is its high rate of increase and ability to spread and multiply. With no vaccine on the market that can be used as an effective measure, people wonder in awe, as to what comes next.

CDC and Covid-19 Cure

If you have been involved with the news and constantly follow Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) updates, you would notice that there are efforts being made to invent a cure for the latest coronavirus. However, according to recent studies and research, only a fraction of the progress has been made so far. With over 250,000 cases in as little as three months, governments worry that without adequate measures and a reliable cure, Covid-19 could spread to as much as 60% of the world population.

Along with various other challenges already presented to the world, the new Covid-19 poses grave dangers to the human population, directly and indirectly. Well, first of all, people who get infected do not have a viable treatment available. Moreover, since patients need to be kept in isolation, many hospitals around the world, struggle with lack of resources. The incubation and isolation period of patients infected with Covid-19 is another challenge, as it can take up to 15 days to recover. However, that is not where the problem ends. Most people believe that once you recover from Covid-19, your immune system learns how to defend against the virus. However, according to reports, there have been cases with relapse cases. 

Due to the virus’s nature and the ability to widespread quickly, governments around the world have urged people to practice ‘social distancing’, as one of the most reliable means to evade the latest corona virus pandemic. In countries with greater number of cases and a high rate of spread, the governments have partially or fully locked down cities and countries to prevent a massive surge in Covid-19 cases. While it does certainly help in containing and eliminating the pandemic (given that people honor the decisions made by the leaders), it does pose another set of problems for the world.

How does Covid-19 Affect the World Economy?

As we all understand, bi-lateral trade is imperative to sustain economies and to make up for various shortage of products in the country. With a massive population to support, hardly any country is self-sufficient and each country tends to specialize and then trade with other countries to make up for the demand. This way, countries are able to focus on higher yields at lower costs to make the products available to everyone around the globe. One of the biggest events in recent history is countries going on lock downs that would affect the trading activities. Since there is an imperative need to avoid human contact, offices, and companies around the world have shelved their operations to overcome the calamity. 

Every day, billions of dollars’ worth of trade is carried out around the world. This means that for every passing day that trading activities are halted, billions of dollars are lost. This can severely put companies and employees at risks of bankruptcy, unemployment, and poverty. While there may not be a way to turnaround the situation, there are certain traits that can be used to limit the damage to world economy.

Using SEO to support World Economy

One of the biggest messages sent out to the world population amid Covid-19 pandemic is to urge people to stay indoors, avoid social contact, and practice ‘social distancing’. While social distancing does people off the streets and reduces business activities, entrepreneurs need to understand that a huge chunk of the population prefers online shopping and ecommerce. Things means that companies already had a huge demand for SEO practices to improve their Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP) results and to improve website traffic.

Social Distancing and SEO

With social distancing being widely practiced, almost a half of the world population has secured themselves in the confines of their homes, with little or nothing to keep their day occupied. This also means that now there is a greater number of individuals who can only rely on online shopping and ecommerce for their shopping needs.

Therefore, companies that are cancelling their SEO services at the moment are most likely to lose the long-chase, as this happens to be the time when SEO can turn the fate of the company. With a massive online audience in the market, now is the right time to boost SEO services that would ultimately promote online trade. Since certain supply chain links are not being barred from operations, stay-at-home employees and individuals can easily order their favorite food and products from the comfort of their homes. Since that is the only option most people have these days, they are likely to exploit it. Companies that are giving up SEO practices in light of Covid-19 should reinstate their SEO services and strive to improve their SERP results.

For businesses that were focused on brick-and-mortar operations, it is a good time to reflect on ecommerce and the benefits of accessing a wider market segment due to online availability. Companies can create websites, partner with leading supply chain companies to deliver products, and optimize their SERP results using sophisticated SEO services to generate website traffic and ultimately increase sales.


Halting trade activities for a day, costs billions of dollars in losses to the world economy. Ecommerce and online shopping can help ease the blow due to lock-downs and social distancing that has caused a majority of the world to close down its doors and stay confined. SEO can help business attract customers to help the world prevent from a Covid-19 backlash.

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